Sponsor or Donate to The Quadrangles

As a growing team, we have a growing budget and would be honored if you would become one of our sponsors! Sponsors typically provide financial support which helps to fund the costs of robot parts, building equipment, and competition trips. In our third year (this year), the team is starting to build our own machine shop. It was difficult to complete a robot our first year because we had to do all of our machining at a local shop, but last year, thanks to our sponsors, we acquired new tools such as a welder, a miter saw, and a full size mill that was donated by (that's right...) a sponsor! 
We love our sponsors. They help make our lives easier, and we show them how much we appreiciate it! We recognize our sponsors by putting their name and logo on the back of our team shirts, as well as displaying their logo on a banner in our pit area during competitions. The size and location of the logo on the shirt and banner depends on the amount donated. Additionally, we extend an offer to present the robot at a local office or other place of business. 

At BHSS, our organization’s goal is to create an environment where students can learn, experiment, and explore science and engineering topics in a manner that reaches beyond the classroom setting. Without financial assistance, this would be impossible. It can be difficult to handle a larger team, but our sponsors help us make sure everyone can be part of this fantastic program. If you are interested, we invite you to become part of our team.

 For more information, please Contact Us.