About Us
    The Quadrangles, FIRST Robotics Competition Team 3494, has participated in five competition seasons, and we are very excited as we prepare for our sixth.  Established in 2011, for the past five years, our team has continued to grow in numbers and learn more about the STEM field.

    The FIRST Robotics program provides students with the opportunity and resources to plan and create a complex, sophisticated robot. As a FIRST team, The Quadrangles would like to continue providing this amazing experience for Bloomington High School South's (BHSS) students. Out of the seven Quadrangles members who have graduated from BHSS so far, six have gone on to study engineering in higher education.  All of our members acquire a lifelong passion for the art of robotics and engineering.

    Bloomington High School South excels at reaching beyond the classroom setting to provide an environment where students can learn, experiment, and explore science and engineering topics. The members of our team put in the long hours and keep showing up day after day for one reason: Nothing compares to sense of accomplishment that they feel when the machine that they designed and built starts up and wins. This sense of accomplishment is what gives us the confidence to conceptualize a machine and then make it. The FIRST community nationwide, team by team, is creating the next generation of engineers, scientists, and professionals, and we are proud to be a part of this legacy.