Since 1992, FIRST Robotics Competition has changed yearly with a new, creative and exciting game! Established in 2011, The Quadrangles has participated in FIRST Robotics Competitions.

2018: FIRST Power UP
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2018 FIRST Power Up

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2017: FIRST Steamworks
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                        This year the FIRST Robotics Competition game included human players within the field during match-play for the first time ever. The theme of the season was steampunk which geared the robots towards delivering fuel to boilers and gears to airship assisting the human pilots to spin  their rotors and prepare  to take flight. Points were primarily awarded for shooting small, wiffle-like balls (fuel) into low and high goals (the boiler),spinning the rotors on the airship by human player (pilot) and robot cooperation as the robots delivered gears to the airship where the pilots were positioned, and climbing the airship ropes.
                     Our season began in Blacksburg, Virginia competing in the FIRST Chesapeake District at the Southwest Virginia Event. This event was our first competition win since our rookie year. The following competitions were the two IndianaFIRST District events: First, we competed at the St. Joseph Event in Mishawaka, IN peaking at the quarterfinals during the playoffs. Secondly, we competed at the Perry Meridian Event peaking at rank #6 out of 37 teams after qualification matches becoming an alliance captain for the playoffs up to the semi-finals. We won a District Engineering Inspiration (EI) Award at the event which put us in the running for the Regional EI Award at the IndianaFIRST District Championships in Huntington, IN which we fortunately won as well as earning a spot at the 2017 FIRST Championship in St. Louis, MO. and $5,000 grant from NASA.
                     At the FIRST Championship we played in the Carson Division developing a team record and tying the division record for most wins (9) and least loses (1) during qualification matches. Ranking 11th out of 68 teams in the Carson Division, we moved up to the 8th alliance captain position during alliance selection and made it through the quarterfinals of the playoffs.
2016: FIRST Stronghold
                        In 2016, The Quadrangles competed in the IN District Tippecanoe Event and Perry Meridian Event. Incorporating a medieval theme, this year's game involved robots breaching their opponents’ defenses, capturing their tower by first shooting "boulders", and then scaling the tower. Points were awarded by crossing the various obstacles(defenses) multiple times, shooting soft-foam balls (boulders) into either the high or low goal of the tower, surrounding the tower on its batter, and scaling/climbing the tower.


2015: Recycle Rush

                    In 2015, Quadrangles competed in the Kokomo City Indiana District Event in Kokomo, IN and the Indianapolis Indiana District Event in Indianapolis, IN. We placed 2nd as finalists at the Kokomo City Indiana District Event resulting in our qualification for the Indiana FIRST District Championship. In addition, we earned the Quality Award at Kokomo too. The objective of Recycle Rush was to stack recycling totes at 6 maximum and place them on scoring platforms. Additional points were added for having a recycling container with or without a pool noodle inside. During qualification matches, bonus-cooperation points were rewarded at the end of the match for both alliances that worked together stack yellow totes in the middle of the field on the step. Points were deducted if pool noodles or "litter" were left in the auto zone at the end of the match.


2014: Ariel Assist

                    This year we competed in the Queen City Regional in Cincinnati, OH and the Crossroads Regional in Terre Haute, IN.  Quadrangles placed 2nd as finalists at the Queen City Regional. The objective of Ariel Assist was to shoot large exercise balls in to high and low goals the far end of each field. Bonus points were awarded for robots within the same alliance that assisted each other by passing a ball down the field. 

2013: Ultimate Ascent


                    This year we competed in the Waterloo Regional in Waterloo, Canada and the Crossroads Regional in Terre Haute, IN. The objective of this game was to score frisbee discs in goals on the far end of the field. An additional goal is at the top of each pyramid, two on each side. Bonus points were rewarded at the end of the match for hanging on the pyramid.

2012: Rebound Rumble

                    In the 2012 season, Quadrangles attended the Queen City Regional in Cincinnati, OH and Midwest Regional in Chicago, IL. In Rebound Rumble, teams work together on alliances of 3 teams to shoot as many foam basketballs into scoring hoops. Additional points are rewarded at the end of the match for balancing on the bridges in the middle of the field. 

2011: Logomotion

                    This year was Quadrangles' Rookie season, our first year of competition. We competed in the Buckeye Regional in Cleveland, OH and Midwest Regional in Chicago, IL. Placing first at the Midwest Regional in the tournament, we qualified for an opportunity to compete at the FIRST Championship Competition.  Honoring Jack Kamen, who designed the FIRST Logo, the objective of this year's game is to place inflated tubules of the FIRST logo on metal pegs and release mini-bots to climb a metal pole. Extra points are rewarded for placing the shapes of FIRST's logo in the correct order.